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Hey guys,

i have SEVERE halitosis, its really annoying. I always have this vinegary taste in the back of my mouth. I Brush twice a day, and my diet is normal, i dont have alot of onions nor garlic. The taste is always on my tounge, even after i eat. Im starting to think its a problem with my gastrointestinal system. Even after i brush my teeth, the taste returns in 5 mins!! So frustrating, dont wana go to school because of it, and dont want to talk to anybdoy, and it really pisses me off!

ive visited my dentist twice this month, he says theres nothing wrong with my teeth or mouth, so its not because of that.


who the hell should i see about this? please reply to me ASAP cant take this anymore..



As someone who has bad breath himself, here are my recommendations...

1) Brush your tongue. I'm betting that if you look at your tongue, it has a strange, white film on it. This is the primary cause of the stench. Use your toothbrush to brush your tongue and you'll take care of a lot of the problem. You'll be surprised to find out how pink your tongue is.

2) Get a tongue scraper. Use the tongue scraper to get back a bit further in your mouth than you're able to brush. Please be careful not to make yourself gag as puke breath is also very stinky.