Gosh, I am so confused!! Where do I start? I had sex on the 20 and 25 of January. Sore and tender nipples and breast from January 30th through Feb. 6 or 7th then the soreness stopped. My nipples are a tiny bit sensitive but the soreness is gone. I started my period on Feb 11th but was very very light and went away in about 1 1/2 days which never happens because I am irregular with my periods and usually skip a couple months and when I start it is heavy. I have had mild cramping through out this whole time. I took about a million pregnancy tests because I was so worried. Everyone said I was just tricking myself into thinking I might be pregnant but I just wanted to be sure I wasn't before I went out and partied. Since I had negative pregnancy tests and i thought my period was starting I drink a lot on Feb 12th
Any one know what this could be....I am so confused..