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so I engaged in sexual activity at the beginning of Jan, I didn't have intercourse but his penis was on my opening for a moment so I was given emergency contraception when I went to the clinic 5 days later (which I went get STD tested - it was all neg)

I have very irregular periods, so wasn't worried about "missing" one as such and it finally came on the 17th of Feb - my previous one at come at the start of January. It lasted 4-5 days which is normal for me. 

Since Jan, I've also taken 3 tests at different points all of which came back negative. However for the past 2 days I've had abdominal pain on my sides, under ribs and near my pelvis and on my back. I took my third test today but it still came negative. I called 111 to discuss and the nurse told me if they've all come negative it's unlucky if you actually are pregnant. I know shoulder pain is also typical of an ectopic pregnancy (she said this too) and I haven't had any on the tip as such mainly on my back shoulder blades so she said it's unlikely. I have been feeling under the weather so not sure if this is just muscle pain from a virus or diarrhoea as I've had some loose stool but nothing severe at all. I also know these may be symptoms of an ovarian cyst? 

Some advice would be appreciated! Thinking about going to the clinic this week to ask for an ultrasound. I'm only 18 and can't talk to family about this as it goes against their beliefs so stressing out! 


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