Hey so I'm suppose to start my period this weekend (the 16, 17, or 18th) and yesterday my husband and I had sex (unprotected and I am not on birth control) he came inside me and as soon as he pulled out we saw blood on his leg (not a lot) and on his penis. I cleaned up after and put on a tampon because I thought I was just starting my period. I went to bed that night and when I got up in the morning to remove my tampon there was no blood on it. I put another tampon on just in case and went about my normal day but there was no more blood the rest of the day. Should I be worried? Could I be pregnant and this just be spotting before a missed period? Has the happened to anyone else? The sex was not rougher than usual it was the same as always. My other concern is my husband smokes weed A LOT (no bashing please) and has been smoking everyday for the last 5+ years. I have heard that smoking weed can lower a man's sperm count. Is this true? I have been off my birth control for over a year now.