hi peoples :-) i know this is long but please take a sec and read.. okay to make a long story short back in feb. of 2007 my periods flat out stopped. in april went to the doc. for a pap. everything was fine and dandy. the reason for the stop of my prd was they couldnt keep regulating b/c i am so small at the time i was 4'10 and 80 or so pounds.. i have always been small and petite.. she said this was normal for athletic woman.. wich i am not lol.. but she said its b/c their bodies are so fit and weigh so little. so she put me on birth control. she said after about 6 months my periods would regulate along with a little weight gain. i didnt start my pills untill june 07.. thats a whole nother story! well i went on them and in july i missed alot to be safe i took a prego test before starting them again in aug. the test was positive .. so were the next 5. i went to the doc to hear i was not pregnant... i didnt know i wanted a baby until the exact moment she said i was not having a baby it broke my heart ... soo i decided to keep on the birth control to get my periods back so i could have a baby.. i started them in sept. 07 its now jan 08 as you know thats only 4 months.... my best friend of 10 years is now 6mnth pregnant with a baby girl... can you imagine my distressss!ah im 300% happy for her and i love her but me and my fiance want a baby badly..
thats the end of that story... i know it was long! lol sorryy...
the point of this is .... does ovulex really work?
and what are the chances it will work for me? i have been on birthc for the 4 months im not sure if my periods are back yet b/c i havent stopped.. but i have gained at least 12 lbs and i really want a baby.. and i dont think i could handle the heart ache of a negitive pregnancy test.. ive seen so manny before this is not the first time ive tried to have a baby during this whole mess... sooo can some one please try and help.. will ovulex give me a good chance of concieving im healthy and young .. and my gyn said nothing was wrong with me.

I have heard about some of the side affects and they dont bother me .. i know you get your money back if they dont work.. but im to afraid of them not working... i just really would like a baby thats all i need to make me happy is a family of my own idc about the money i just want a family with my fiance.. please help!