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I smoked pot for 7 weeks maybe 3 or 4 times a week during that period. So ive done it total around 30. 1/3 of the times i got high i experienced a panic attack that made me think i was going to die. I also smoked out of a pop can 5 times which now i hear can give you alzheimers. But I haven't smoked in 2 weeks and now lately I have just felt different. Then I start to panic when i think about it. My parents dont know that i smoke and i asked them about it and they said im probably dehydrated or its maybe just allergies. But i know my step brother who smoked marijuana for years quit because it made him have alot of anxiety and hes still dealing with it today. Should I tell my doctor that i just quit marijuana or will my panic/anxiety attacks go away in time? I'm really scared because I've actually missed some school from waking up in the morning and panicking.


First off, forget about the alzheimer's/pop can connection. Folklore. There was a theory that aluminum contributed to the formation of the synaptic tangles associated with alzheimer's dementia but that was debunked years ago.

Anxiety, paranoia and panic attacks are some of the side effects of cannabis use. They can be most acute when one is actually high on the drug but can linger for many weeks after stopping while the serum-level THC in the bloodstream is slowly oxidized by the liver. Anxiety directly caused by the THC will eventually go away. Panic attacks that continue thereafter are psychological.

You are panicking now because:

a) after only two weeks you still have THC in your system, and
b) you have for the first time experienced the terrible sensation of panic attacks and, ironically, just worrying about panic attacks can cause panic attacks.

Cannabis alters your perception. In some ways it expands your horizons by introducing you to sensations, thoughts and perspectives you would otherwise not experience. Sometimes those changes in perception are not so pleasant. Now that you have experienced the sensation of extreme anxiety your brain has established a reference point that did not exist before your cannabis use and can now go back to that point and trigger more anxiety.

The key to getting to feel normal again is realizing that what is happening to you is not real. Once you realize this on an intellectual level, your panic attacks will stop - at least to extent that they were caused directly or indirectly by cannabis use. If you don't feel anxious at least sometimes in your life you're not normal.

I don't want to sound preachy but 15 is too young to mess with cannabis and from your description you smoked it much too often. If you must use this drug wait until you are mature enough to understand what it is doing to you and to understand that if it is negatively affecting your life - like what you are experiencing right now - it is better left alone. You can't overdose on it, it is not physically addicting but it can, and does, mess up the lives of a lot of people.


I am 13...thinking of starting to smoke...should I?