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I read the page on the above subject about cannabis and Panic attacks. I could not reply so I thought I would start my own. What a lot of you are forgetting is that pot is alot stronger than it was when I was a kid. We were happy getting some Mexican with a ton of seeds in it. These days it is grown to get the highest possable THC content and low CBC. Just remember that a small amount goes a long way. You dont have to get so ripped that you encounter the panic attacks. If I go one toke over the line I feel that I might get one too and those of you that have experienced this know it aint fun in the least. Getting high is suppose to be a relaxing experience not an LSD trip.
40 years ago when I started, me and my buds did it for a laugh not to see who is going to have to crawl from the room.

I actually use it now as medication. I had a bad motorcycle accident and lost part of my brain. This left me paralyzed on the left side with seizures and panic attack that moved on to. I took every drug know to Dr.'s to help me and in the end I found that cannabis helped the most. Not alot of it but a few hits at nite before bed got the blood serume level just right. I have not been able to find any for the last three months and I am getting house bound again with panic attacks. Doctors in this country have not or will not understand that there is a benificial side to this plant. Seventeen states in America alreadyknow this and have laws for medicinal cannabis use. I read it might take another two years for the UK to smarten up. Until then I guess I will just sit in my house and watch TV. :'(


Hi there, I think that the panic attacks usually come on with regular usage. I totally agree that there is a medical benefit to it for some people (although not those who are anxiety prone) but I think a lot of people forget that it is still a drug and it's possible to overdose on it just like you can OD on almost anything else. It won't send you to the ER but it can mess you up! What do you think?