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I have been having black line under my fingernails for a coupld of months now. I have also been have heart plapataions with tachycardia with pac's and pvc's of unknown origin, for the last year now could these two things be related.


The lines on the fingernails are called fingernail hemorrhages or splinters. They can be a symptom of endocarditis, the late stage.  That is a heart condition, a valve infection to be precise. On the other hand it is possible that they are also a symptom of vasculitis. Now with the palpitations involved, you might even have had a heath attack. If this is the case, you should seek for medical help.

Do you have any pain in your fingernails? Do the lines under fingernail ever go away, or they are present there all the time? The lines are actually blood cloths or area of bleeding in the veins under the skin. They usually go in line with the nails.


Best of luck