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Dear Experts,

Hello, my name is mixed and once when I was around 7-10 years old I went to the dentist for a silver filling. Being a child I did not listen to the dentist when he told me not to eat anything for a half an hour. Due to my behavioral problems and lack of proper parenting at that age I did eat immediately afterwards and unfortunatly it was gum. My stepfather offered it to me and he being the "parent" should definitly not have because I certainly forgot what the doctor said when the bubble gum was shoved in my face. Anyways I immediatly had silver pebbles little round items and dust that covered my tongue and when I spoke out about it he told me to swallow it or else. That I more than likely would get a beating. Thankfully I am an adult and far from those terrifying days. I certainly will speak about this problem with the doctor right away but seaking many opinions could help me out, especially when doctor's are always very busy. If these bits of my filling where ingested what would be the possible outcomes. Would they be entirely flushed, if not all of them were flushed what then should I have checked out. When is it an appropriate time to have your kidney's this sounding like it could be an appropriate time? What could happen to a growing child inside my womb? I am now almost 23 years old and I don't even now if mercury stays in the body that long. What about memory loss, is this a short term side affect governed by the dosage of the mercury poising. Please any leads would greatly assist me at this time.
Thank you, Anonymous.


If I were you, I would definitely get it checked out. Mercury poisoning can be quite serious.