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Good day people!

I’m a 23 years old male and I think I have disorder because it covers most symptoms I have found along with mercury poisoning (thanks to severe health anxiety…).
There was a time as a child that I remember as getting eye tics from playing too much with the Playstation.Just a day ago I saw a thread about Pyrrole disorder


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and got to know that vaccine made children get eye tics.Yesterday I asked my Mother about this and she said I remember wrong and that I didn't develop eye tics playing too much videogames (later in life) but earlier in life in kindergarten and I had been taking to eye doctor but they didn't found anything!
Knowing,that my life could be 1000x times better that this is not who I should be.No friends,no education,no job.
I also read about the amalgam fillings.I had 3.At the age ~11 I was chewing a huge bubble gum and a big silver filling came out of my tooth and I swallowed it.
In 2007 I couldn’t handle the stress and bullying in school so I went to psychiatrist.I was put on SSRI for 3 and half years.In 2011 April I quit it cold turkey (because my psycho quack didn’t inform me about that I SHOULDN’T DO THAT) and I’m still suffering withdrawal to this day.
It really messed up my brain,possibly my thyroid also.I learned that you need to deal with the root cause of the problems and the first problem that is 100% sure is getting eye tics from vaccines.
Also about growing.Here how it was done in school.I was around the same height as the other kids.Then they started to grow.I had to wait at least 1 year when I too started to grow and became an inch taller than them.
Then another grow spurt they became a bit taller than me.I had to wait again another year when I reached my current height when they had another grow spurt and grew 1-3 inches taller than me.I waited for the grow spurt how long.Nothing.They do have full beards by now,I don’t.
I’m so mad knowing that I could have been a person without all this vaccine,pyrrole and mercury.Having friends,girlfriends and going to parties and living life the way one should and being taller,having education BUT NO.I want to kill myself.

Here I list all my symptoms,problems in order of developing so you can better "diagnose" me:

-eye tics (I outgrew them)
-droopy eye lids (became less noticeable)
-strong will (still)
-tongue-tie (still)
-deformed chest (breast bone and ribcage) on one side
-scoliosis (slight)
-eye floaters (getting worse)
-tinnitus,ringing ears (not got better,continous)
-visual snow (getting worse)
-acted like if I wasn’t on the same level with my classmates,like I was 5-6 younger than them brain-wise (still)
-incoordination (moderate)
-phobia of objects (still)
-dark circles under eyes,had it since child (still)
-mouth breathing (still)
-emotional instability (still)
-hand tremor,head tremor (becomes severe in social pressure,stress not got better)
-loss of self-confidence,developed severe perfectionism (still)
-day dreaming,drowsiness (better after quitting smoking)
-excessive saliva (I was spitting on the floor of my room,I was only age 11-12.My Dad beat me very much times even tough I said I can’t controll it I have too much saliva!!!) [got a bit better]
-started smoking
-lost my Dad at age 14,huge shock
-severe depression (still,got better)
-severe anxiety (still,getting worse)
-afraid to enjoy life (still)
-body very hairy (my back and chest and stomach was already hairy while my classmates started to develop armpit hair.but they DO HAVE FACIAL BEARD and I don’t)
-severe phobia of dentists (still,got worse)
-crazy thinking,skizophrenic mind (still,got worse)
-racing thoughts (still,got worse)
-malloclusion (got worse)
-tongue thrust (still)
-open bite (still)
-underdeveloped genital (still)
-symptoms of estrogen dominance,hypothyroidism,mercury poisoning,adrenal fatigue,brain damage and so on…
-addictions (though quit smoking 3 months ago,it was easy because I still have addictions like PC and internet which is too hard for me to quit)
-lost all my friends (still)
-depersonalization (still)
-erectional disfunction (still)
-derealization (still)
-bruxism (more mercury in bloodstream = more fun!)
-people label me as lazy,bug me why I don’t get a job and "kick me" on the ground (still...)
-had to quit high school due to severe brain fog from SSRI use (still,can't finish it)
-delayed sleep phase disorder (still)
-phobia of hospitals and everything medical check up related (wanted to get myself checked with endocrinologist,she sent me to bloodtest in hospital.I had panic attack in the hospital.Don’t try to imagine it how worse it was…….)
-hypoglicemic reactions (worse after quitting smoking)
-became from good looking to ugly (still,ugly bloated E2 dominant,feminime face)
-gained weight I couldn’t lose after starting SSRI drug (still)
-feminime hands and fingers (still)
-white spots on nails (when I was 8-20 years old) (gone)
-feeling of my heart beat,palpitations (still,but there are days now where I can not feel my heartbeat for as long as an hour and it makes me feel happy)
-OCD IS SEVERE……going crazy.SSRI made it worse.
-shrinking genital (still)
-sensitive to light (still,got worse not so long ago)
-falling hair (still,slight)
-all my joints are cracking,popping (still,feeling like an 80 years old now for the past 4 years)
-feeling like there’s something in my throat,sometimes hard to swallow (still)
-after quitting smoking 3 months ago I developed shortness of breath.i think my is still unable to detox the chemicals of smoking,possibly clogged liver
-my hands get severly cold sometimes I need to put them on hot water,also my feet gets cold but that’s not severly (still,got worse)
-irritability (still)
-agression towards loved ones (still,getting really really bad...)
-mood swings (still,got worse)
-puffy face (still)
-red scrotum and red dry glans
-ugly hair
-eyes uneven (slight but noticeable 2-3 mm)


I googled Pyrrole disorder first I when I was searching for bad reaction for Omega 3 fish oil.It was a hard job since everyone talks about benefits.Then I finally found this disorder and had symptoms listed I was like 19/20 or 20/20 symptoms matched and it says "these patients respond badly to fish oil Omega 3".
When I took it my concentration ability multiplied that day but also got severe twitching of my left hand.I couldn't sleep because of it.Stopped it.Waited 2-3 days,tried it again.Same thing,left hand twitching severly.

Here's what I tried:

Vitamin B complex (it had the nicotinic acid form of B12) made me feel a bit better.The doses were very small so I started to pop 2 pills in.Then I had burning face and peeling skin on my face.I stopped it but even after 1 month the skin on my face still peels and don't know what to do.

Vitamin C: It made me feel worse.Tried 1 gramm cap.Tried 500 mg cap and different brand.

Magnesium: 125 mg before sleep made me through the miserable nights after quitting smoking.250 mg makes me have diarrhea.

Calcium: Made me have an adrenaline rush feeling,never took it again

L-Tyrosine: 250 mg ok,then tried 500 mg.It made me have my first panic attack in my life.Never took it again but since then I developed panic disorder.

zinc: took it before bed as people advised,was very hard to fall asleep and next day it made me feel like people beat me up

Please help me where to start.If all my life has been ruined by a vaccine or mercury fillings I don’t want to live anymore.Imagine all these problems everyday for the past year and most of them for your whole life.



What's the gene that mutated and caused me to born with tongue-tie,droopy eyelids and scoliosis?


What is your heritage? Many of Irish decent or Scandinavian have pyroluria. Please see a good qualified naturopath and have your levels tested. They can recommend how to proceed so you can live a happier life. I wish you all the best.



omg you poor thing!
do not worry I am 17 and I was diagnosed with pyrrole when I was 16, I'm now almost 18! ever since I was diagnosed I've always felt so weird that I couldn't explain it and It made me upset. I still have it to this day becuse my vitamin pills actually taste so bad! I'm use to when I get mood swings I always change from happy to sad to angry to scared and repeats. and I tell myself ah it's just the pyrrole! pyrrole is so intense yet such a weird thing happening to your body.. plus I have low iron which makes it worse.
do not worry it's fine I have all the symptoms you have (well most)
I enjoy myself as much as possible.. being around people helps more xx


For heavy metals toxicty,pyrroles,depression, etc. Read the book by joan matthews depression free naturally!



ay bruh you are mercury posinioned just like me. we are on the same path and i am 22. the awnser is getting amalgams removed no vaccinees or flu shots and removing the mercury in your body. right noe you are the mad hatter from alice and wonderland coninuing to to fall down the rabbit hole. read andrew cutlers book about amalgams. then start hevy metal chelation to remove the mercury and posion. continue down this path and you will heal. i am removng my amalgams and will soon begin the chelation process of dmsa and alpha lipoic acid. we can get through this. trust i know how you feel and no one else understands the pain we are going through. relpy if you want some help. right now we both have aspbergers part of the autisic spectrum if we chelate we shall be good to go in a year or two. contact me