:cry: My ex would cough alot some days he'd be ok others he'd cough all day all night. He'd say his chest hurt. I told him to go get it checked out. He lied & said he did. His house is old and infested with God knows what. Anyhow he has this really bad odor to his breath like dead mouse, serious business. I ask him what was wrong he tried to act like he didn't know he said nothing. I tried with tact and told him something was wrong with his breath he argued me that his breath dont stink I told him not to kiss me again until he got checked and cured. I left town & came back he grabbed me & kissed me I tried to get away but he would'nt let me go. I know he did it on purpose. I finally broke free and immediatly went and threw up I was so sick yuck. He was cheating. Noone can imagine... Sick...Now I have the same breath dead mouse and salty nasty wanna throw up all the time It has made me so sick. Smoking is the only thing that makes it less noticable but I have to smoke constantly. I know two people can't have the exact same breath but he gave me something. I guess Dr.s don't see alot of this bacteria, fungi, mold or whatever is'nt natural to the human body whatever I need help fast. I've had test they cant find anything, I know they cant find it cause they are not looking for 'IT' My breath is hot nasty taste like baking soda always spitting up lots of nasty salty saliva/phlem/toxic by-product Help. PLEASE...I don't like being around people cuz of this. I know thats why he is a hermit he does'nt socialize at all. :x