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I did something reeeally stupid, I had sex unprotected twice over three days, and I haven't taken the morning after pill. It is too late now anyway, but I wasn't particularly worried at the time because it had only been 4 days after my last period therefore I was not ovulating, and he didn't cum inside me either time. We weren't doing it for that long also. I've also done some research and found out about precum, and I am now worrying greatly! I don't want to become pregnant at my age!
I know this was very stupid and it has taught me not to play with fire, but I'm sure some will agree that when it’s in the moment, it's addictive and hard to think sensibly.
Any help ASAP would be very much appreciated, thank you!


The time to avoid sex is around days 7-21 of your cycle. That's based on a normal 28 day cycle. The most fertile period is from days 10-18.

So, you're not really in the range of likely to get pregnant.