My period is 4 days late today. I was suppose to start on June 27 and it is now almost July 1st. I am freaking out. I have an almost normal 30 or so day cycle, so I would have been ovulating around the 11-15 of June. I had unprotected sex on June 20th and June 24th. Both times we did use the pullout method (I know it is not the best), and we did not do it for a very long time both days. He never did ejaculate in me and that is a 100%, but we are not sure of precum being present on the 20th since the second time he went in was 2 hours later and he only ejaculated the first time he pulled out therefore the precum could've contained left over Sperm if he did not urinate. So considering that and the fact I was most likely NOT ovulating according to my calendar, what are the chances of me being pregnant? Can stressing over possible pregnancy delay a period? Help!