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1. I know everything about ovulation, it's the most fertile time during the monthly cycle, and it can last a few days before and the day of ovulation. The last time I had my period was Feb.22, 2015. 2. Precum does not have sperm, but it is possible if the guy does not pee before having sex. You cannot get pregnant from precum itself. 3. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex for the first time because we ran out of condoms, all other times were protected. 4. I am not sure if I'm ovulating the day I had sex because I was not experience ovulation symptoms but I had a white, dry and thick discharge, not a watery, clear and wet discharge. 5. We had sex for less than 4 min because he did not want to ejaculate inside, and used the pull out method. Is it possible to get pregant? I also don't know if I'm ovulating either.


Hi Guest,

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant - with ANY sexual contact.  It doesn't matter 4 minutes or 4 hours.

Is it likely if he did not ejaculate - no.  Is it possible, yes.  Remember, it only takes ONE sperm.

The pull out method is not a reliable means of birth control.

Hope it helps.