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Can you get pregnant if. You give a blow job and your boyfriend precum while your giving him a blow job and puts it inside you I really don't know and I'm kinda scared . While me and my boyfriend wasn't really thinking about having sex but it happen so while he was fingering me I was giving him a hand job and after that I started with a blow job he precum while its goin on after that he wants to put it in me so after all that he tells him he's goin to nut and pulls out and I see it come on my thigh but I'm also a virgin but I'm really not sure if all the cum came out on my thigh. And if this help my period comes a week from now so can you please help me because I'm really scared


Hi Alize 

I think I understand what happened, but I'll take it a step at a time. But please be specific in what you say.

  1. "Can you get pregnant if ... your boyfriend precum ... and puts it inside you"
    • Yes, if he has sperm in his precum and it is a fertile time.
  2. "he wants to put it in me so after all that he tells him he's goin to nut and pulls out"
    • So if he did put his penis in your vagina (I assume 'it' means his penis rather than his finger as you said he "pulls out" at the time "he's going to nut"!) then there is a chance semen could have got into your vagina, particularly as he was so close to orgasm.
  3. "I'm also a virgin"
    • You are no longer a virgin if his penis entered your vagina. Also, even if it were the first time you had sexual intercourse, it makes no difference to pregnancy chances.
  4. "my period comes a week from now"
    • If you are sure that it will come in 7 days' time, then today would not be a fertile time, so you could not get pregnant. But how are you so certain?
    1. What date did your last period start?
    2. How long is your cycle (typically 28 days)?
    3. Is your cycle regular?
  5. Anytime you have sex there is the possibility of pregnancy following because even with regular ovulating, occasionally ovulation might happen at an unexpected time.

I hope this helps as a start.