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hi guys! im really thinking about what's happening to me. i usually have a 32-day cycle but on day 6 and day 8 my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex after that my secretions changed, it became thick and not the usual i get from before. i usually know when I'm fertile but on my supposed fertile days i don't think i had the same thick and clear discharges. help, could i be pregnant?we're not really planning to have one.


Hi, well it is very unclear whether you are pregnant or not. It depends on if your boyfriend has ejaculated inside of you or not. If he did not then there should be nothing to worry about regarding unwanted pregnancy. If he did ejaculate inside of then there is a good chance that you got pregnant. Maybe the fastest way to find out is to go and get a home pregnancy test. Those are pretty accurate. They can tell if you are pregnant 10 days from your unprotected intercourse. So I would suggest you go and buy this test. Also, make sure that you take it first thing in the morning and that it has been at least 10 days since your last unprotected sex. Hope this helps.