I'm 20 years old and for a while I didn't have a period, nothing since April/beginning of May until October 7th. I was on the pill and have been since last December. June, July and August I just didn't take the sugar pills to go for a more seasonal cycle, tho I'd already been messed up from stress from nearly losing my father in May to an at-home cardiac arrest that he didn't come home from it until July, as well as the death of my uncle in August. I had to let myself have a period, so I went off the pill in September until it came on 10/7 thru 10/12 and resumed my regiment with the pill the Monday after my period ended. 10/22 thru 10/28, I had more period-like symptoms with cramps and so on, and with it came dark, brownish discharge and dark, old blood; not sure if that counts for another period or not and if that should be factored in to when my next period should come.



I am in a relationship, monogamous, and we do engage in unprotected sex. When I'm not on the pill, he will pull out and long before he's going to come so pre-cum isn't an issue either.... at least when we stick to agreeing that he needs to pull out. We were intimate 10/12 at the end of my period, and, in the heat of things, we forgot to make sure he pulled out and thru the course of the night, came in me twice; since we don't yet live together and we live so far from each other, we don't get as many chances for intimacy, so, when we do, we kind of lose ourselves in it. And with our relationship still being so new, only just over a month since we made it official and marked the date, October 2nd, to be our one year anniversary next year, so we're still extremely sexual with the newness of things. Then last week as I was starting on the sugar pill week of my pack of pills, we hung out with his friend at the friend's house and spontaneously decided to just stay the night together since his friend was kind enough to put us up and lend out the guestroom. Needless to say, we jumped on the chance, and each other. Twice that night and again the next morning. One night turned into three, each going at it at least once or twice from 11/5 to 11/8, majority we again got too caught up and forgot to pull out, maybe once we remembered. There was a pretty bad storm going on and no car between any of us, so we were stranded inside and had no money anyways to be able to go to the drug store to get Plan B, or any money to buy it after I got home either. This looks pretty bad, I know....



Still no period this week after I finished the sugar pills, but I'm not sure if I should just wait until it comes or just start the next pack anyways. I think I might go for a pregnancy test soon just in case, I do feel... different I guess? I don't know how to describe it, I just feel different is all. No morning sickness or nausea at any point in the day. No hypersensitivity to any smells or foods. No frequent urination. No darkened areola or breast tenderness or any noticeable changes breast. No mood swings. No headaches or back pain. No dizziness other than from unrelated dehydration. My sleep schedule has been nuts for over a month and was sleeping 12 or more hours a day, wouldn't be able to fall asleep until very late into the night and into the early morning, several times I've woken up at 4AM exactly for absolutely no reason, but now I'm regular and going to sleep at night, sleeping all the way through and waking up in the morning. I wasn't eating regularly, obviously, if I was sleeping most of the day away, I'm not employed at the moment, so I was lucky if I got more than one full meal a day, but now my diet's become more regular as well and three meals a day; no more hungry than usual, just actually conscious to eat. I'm honestly not sure what to think of the dark "period" and discharge two weeks ago as far as a symptom, or just an abnormality to my period and just getting it again only 2 weeks.



I'm not sure if I'm pregnant, I sure hope not because things are not stable enough to be able to support a child right now; far from ready to be a mother and it wouldn't be fair to bring a child into a financially unstable situation. I'm still living with my parents, no job, while my boyfriend has been set back to living with his family again as well with money issues; he was kicked out of his old place because he was living with his last girlfriend until they broke up. He does landscaping so his work is more seasonal and, from January 23rd until October 4th, we were both full-time students in beauty school so in all that time he wasn't working, he was living on his ex-girlfriend's support while he was in school since he had no time to work.



I'm surprisingly not freaking out or really feeling all that stressed about possibly being pregnant (more freaked out about, if I am, the fact that twins run in both my family and his, both sides in my boyfriend's, and I'm a [fraternal] twin myself sooo.... lol), so I don't think that is delaying my period. I don't really want to be pregnant right now, I'm not ready to be a mother yet and now is certainly not the best time in our relationship to be having a child. My reaction to this whole feeling different thing and the possibility of being pregnant is just it being inconvenient and not at all the right time. I am going to go for a pregnancy test soon, just to make sure. My only concern in the mean time is whether to take my birth control pills now or wait until if my period comes in the next week or so with the off chance it could be a positive test and could harm any baby that might be in there. And whether to just go now for the test or save the trip and go after when my next projected period date would be if the "old blood period" were counted; it's only been a week since we were last intimate so, if I am and that was the time of conception, there wouldn't be high enough levels of hCG yet to get an accurate result. Not my first scare, so I'm somewhat familiar with when would be best time to test for an accurate result.



Main thing is: What should I do? Just take my birth control pills now anyways, or wait it out until I know what's going on for sure??