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Hi. I'm Adia. I'm 22. I've been dating the most wonderful man for almost 2 months now. We're so in love I can't stand it. However, I'm really really scared. We make out and fool around, but NEVER have sex--we have kind of obliquely talked about it and agreed that we're not nearly ready yet and we're fine where we are. We don't even get all the way undressed--I think he might be ready for it, but I'm too scared so we don't.

Recently we started this whole mutual masturbation thing, which I was initially fine with but now I'm freaked out. Is there any way for me to have gotten pregnant? He touches me over my underwear, but I just go over his pants because I'm too nervous to try anything else.
I'm late for my period. I'm never regular and it always freaks me out but never like this. I had brown spotting yesterday which is NOT normal for me, and my breasts have been hurting for a couple weeks now. If he had some sperm on his hand would it be possible for me to get pregnant through my underwear? Or could it be that he broke my hymen? I'm not feeling any pain.

Is it possible for me to have gotten pregnant from this behavior?

I don't know how to discuss it with him but he can tell something's wrong. I'm so afraid he's going to think I'm nuts or that I've been unfaithful which I would NEVER do. From the day I met him, he's been the only man I wanted. I'm so scared he'll leave me. I know I probably have some kind of neurosis about this.

I also don't know how to bring this up with my mom. I tell her everything but I'm not sure she'll believe I'm telling the truth about this. If I really am pregnant, though, I'm going to need her help.

I'm so scared. Being pregnant is one of my worst fears. I'm too young. I'm not ready for this. Please help.


You cant get pregnant if there is no sperm. Since his pants are still completely on, there is no possible way for his sperm to get anywhere near your vagina.

Since you are never regular, you shouldnt worry. Just give it some time. The brown spotting could just be old blood from a previous period.