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;I'm 17 and live in Baltimore, Maryland. I was looking through abortion websites and came across steadyhealth.  That being said, I need some information and guidance from someone who is willing to not judge me and knows the system. I am currently 5 days late. Now, I my periods have always been irregular and I have gone months with out getting my period. However, that was before my boyfriend and I started to have sex (in May of 2011). The first time we had sex, I had to go get the plan B pill because the condemn broke. Whether or not I needed it is debatable but I can not take any chances since my mother is completely against pre-marital sex as well as abortions. So, a little more than a month ago, when I was at the end of my period, my boyfriend and I had sex with out a condom for no more than a minute (just so you know, I am not on birth control). I stopped him right away before he could even get close to cumming because I realized how stupid we were being even with me finishing up my period.
   Later that day, my period officially ended. And now here I am, 5 days late. 
                              Needless to say that I'm a little worried. 
     Now I know that I should find out if I am pregnant for sure before I bug out but I would like to know what my options are, specifically abortion. If you don't mind answering these few questions then I'd really appreciate it. I am a strong young women whose heart is set in grad-school and a successful career, but I can not be pregnant right now and my parents absolutely can not find out.
   1) I know that Maryland law requires parental consent/notification. But again, it is crucial that they do not find out (my mom once found out that my boyfriend and I were doing a little more than making out and she hit me across the face. I fear that it may be worse if she finds out that I could be pregnant). How do I obtain a bypass and will my parents find out about the bypass? Also, is there anyway that I can go to a clinic in D.C since there are apparently no need for parental consent or notification?
     (*  for the record, my mother is a loving and caring person who normally supports me through tough times but this is something that she will not stand for)

2) How long should I wait until I can get an accurate pregnancy test? Or should I go to Planned Parenthood for a test? Would blood or urine test be more accurate?

3)  I heard that you can take an abortion pill (not the morning after pill), is this safe and as effective? If I got an abortion, I would get it ASAP and before I've  finished my first trimester.

4) Is there any way to give the fertilized egg up to science? I am a test tube baby and I would be comforted to know that I can make something good out of this situation.

5) I have no insurance (since I am on my familys insurance), therefore will the clinic even accept me? I don't have a lot of money and am looking for a job but my brother says that he can loan me some money. Therefore, how much are early abortions normally? And will I get charged for a sit-in fee as well?

 6) I was going to wait until I was 18 to get The Pill (and asking my mother is out of the question) but now I think that it'd be best to get it as soon as possible. Where can I go to get birth control and will I need insurance? Also, the birth control shot, is it relatively safe? It seems a little bit too good to be true for it to be 100% safe. How much do you think the cost will be and will it be 100% effective if it is general birth control?

     Thank you so much for your guidance and help. I know that consequences for my actions and I have chosen to deal with it by myself and with a brave face. However, your help and information will make the road a little less difficult. I refuse to be embarrassed by something as wonderful as making love with the person you love but I plan on making better decisions in the future.


hi im and my boyfriend was having fun 2 weeks ago.we did not do any deep penetration but only less than half of his penis.. he withrawed immediately when he was about to finish.we did it 2 days before my period was about to start but my period never about 1 week late now and having brown spotting and discharge. i am also sure that we did it 2 weeks after my regular ovulation.ive been checking my calendar so im sure. no other signs yet and i feel normal.can i be pregnant?please help im really worried.ive never been this delayed before.


Take a test in a week. First response is the best for detecting early pregnancy. They come in packs of three- pee on the stick wait five minutes and see your results. If is negative then try again in a week just to make sure. I just took my test and it said it was negative but my doctor told me hat having sex right before your period can alter your hormonal levels and could thus push back your period. That's what I think happened to me. I have alot of discharge but not spotting. Also- believe it or not, pure vitamin c pills (if taken about twice a day) can induce your period. But it has to be pure ascorbic acid with no rose hip or bioflavonoids. If you decide to do this. Make sure you do some research!!!! I went to wegmans and bought the 500mg dietary supplements and take one in morning and one at night. Do this for only 5 days and your period should come (once it comes, stop taking pills when flow is regular). I can't guarantee this will work but it's worked on me and most of my friends (one of which was 5 weeks pregnant and had a vitamin c induced miscarriage). Again, be careful and don't take more then 2 for 5 days- or else it could cause you to overdose.
If your still worried, go to a doctor for a blood test. If your in college them your campus's woman's health center should provide service to you.
Hope this help!!! Best if luck!!


uhm what dietary supplments are you talking about regarding abortion?