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I had unprotected sex on New years.. and my period started two days after. I did not take the pill. However, my period has lasted longer than it normally does and it stopped for a day but now I think I have 'implantation bleeding' but I don't know and I am so scared.


In my case I had PROTECTED intercourse on 31st Dec (I was 2-3 days late on my period) and I TOOK the Plan B pill on 2nd Jan.
Light pink bleeding began next day and moved to heavy red bleeding from Jan 3rd until today Jan 8th.
I'm also pretty scared and unsure what's going on - hope its all good


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Implantation bleeding occurs when a fertilized egg implants into the lining of the uterus; hence the name. The actual implantation happens seven to ten days after ovulation/fertilization. Bleeding you have two days after cannot be an implantation bleeding. Do you when you ovulated? If not, you could do a rough calculation by counting back 14 days from the expected date of your period. Was your period on time, or off?

In Cancerian's case, the bleeding could be due to Plan B. I'd consult my family doctor in your case.