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I'm not sure if this belongs in the period thread or the pregnancy thread, but here goes..

On april 4th around 2 am my bf fingered me pretty hard. He went for the g spot and stimulated it a lot. When we woke up I saw that there was a fairly large blood stain, the size of his hand with fingers spread out on the bed sheets. The blood was present right after being fingered, and didn't flow out throughout the night because I remember how sticky I thought it was. I wiped later that morning and it was a pinkish purplish color. Around noon there was spotting on my pad that was brown.

I miss two pills , one sometime between 3/15-19 and one 30th but took it the next day. That was week 2 and 3. We had sex on the 21st and 30th. According to p-tracker I was fertile 21st and ovulating 25th. On the 30th, the condom was kind of being shifted around and he also accidentally finished inside the condom.

I'm worried this is implantation bleeding. My period is supposed to start in two or three days days, but there was that amount of blood, spotting, and just today some light brown discharge. Can someone give me a peace of mind and let me know if blood does that if were too rough or something? They say skipping one day isn't supposed to make you preg, and skipping 2 days may be possible in the next 7 days... I also read somewhere that stimulating the gspot too roughly or scratching it can make you bleed all over. I remember it felt like he was almost scratching rather than rubbing my gspot, though it didn't feel painful or anything.


Hello loveaiba,

implantation bleeding is a bleeding that happens when a fertilized egg implants itself on the uterus wall. It looks like few spots of reddish- pink blood, in most cases. It happens some two weeks after the sexual intercoursce that led to fertilization an even than, not all women experience it.

So, in your case, it seems far far more likely that the bleeding you're having is caused just by too rough fingering - the tissue inside your vagina is very sensitive and cells can easily break down.

Oh, one more thing - if you are taking hormonal birth control pills, you're not ovulating. The pill works precisely because it's hormones prevent ovulation and the release of the fertile egg,

Wish you all the best,





Hi Nicole, thanks for your response.
I was quite worried because in addition to that fairly "heavy" bleeding, when I wiped that morning it was slightly pink. It stopped, then a day later when I wiped, the tissue paper came out a very light pink. Then about after 12 hours that stopped too.

I actually had a question about birth control pills if you don't mind, as I just thought of this when I was backtracking my pill-taking habits. There was once maybe like 6 months ago when I finished my pack but couldn't get another pack until i think about two to three weeks later. Thinking back, I think I might have just started the pills after I got it and didn't wait for the sunday my period started, or anything like you're supposed to when starting a pill pack. do you know if this might influence anything, such as pills not working for a couple days or something? Again, not sure if you would know this, just throwing it out there.



it depends from the type of birth control pill, so it might help to know which ones were you taking?