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Me and my boyfriend always have unprotected sex. I have some signs of pregnancy but I understand that birth control does have some side effects like being pregnant. If you become pregnant while on birth control, will the pills still make you bleed during your period cycle?


Some women will have regular periods at the beginning of a pregnancy but most of the time if you are pregnant you will miss your periods.  Go buy a pregnancy test ASAP.  Buy a few they are handy to have around so you don't have to stress so much.  Birth control was my only for off protection for 8 years and I never got pregnant and then one day nothing had changed I did get pregnant, so it is possible to get pregnant on birth control.  Make a doctors appt and get a pregnancy test they sell them at the grocery store even at the dollar store.  Don't get the ones with lines because they are hard to read buy the one that clearly states not pregnant or pregnant.  Also,  I personally decided to switch birth control methods and get an Intrauterine device.  They are the most effective form of birth control that is still reversible for later when I'm ready for a family.