Okay, my boyfriend has been having problems for about 3 weeks now. 3 weeks ago he started having strange symptoms...his belly button started bleeding and developing puss. Then it started hurting him to urinate, and for some reason couldn't get erections, his stomach was also hurting him pretty bad. Well he went to the doctor, they did tests and told him that he has tissue, somehow left over from his umbilical cord not healing properly when he was a baby...and this tissue got infected, and somehow connected to his penis and thats what was causing those problems. So they put him on antibiotics, which didnt help. Hes went back to the doctor about a week later, thinking he might have to have surgery, they told him Ecoli caused the infection and that he prolly would have to have surgery but not for awhile. They changed his antibiotics, a week later hes still having symptoms. His urine started to become bloody/cloudy, and now hes hardly urinating at all. His belly button symptoms didnt go away, and his stomach pain didnt go away either. So sunday night he went to the emergency room, they told him hed have to have surgery, that he has an abscess. So yesterday they put a needle in him while he was awake and tried to get it out, he now has gauze packed into his belly button. They said that if he doesnt start to get better then he'll have to have actual surgery and they'll actually have to cut him open and get it out that way. See, I havent been to the doctor with him any, I havent seen him in 2 weeks cause of this. Anyway, I'm not sure all of this adds up. First he has tissue from his umbilical cord not healing properly, then all these male problems, then they say he had Ecoli, now an abscess. I'm so confused...I've done some research and Ive read that Ecoli can cause intraabdominal abcsesses...but it doesnt say anything about that causing urinary/penis problems. I'm worried hes lying to me about what the doctors are saying. My mother keeps telling me all that umbilical cord and penis problems are c**p, that he lied about all that. (She doesnt like him).. But I honestly don't think a man would lie about all that, I dont think anyone could make all that up....Anyway, from what I know from him, does all of this add up to anything plausible? Please, I need an answer!