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my EX and i just had a son. she was on 190mg of methadone. its the worst thing ive ever seen in my life. im still in the hospital its been 2 weeks with no sign of going home. i just recieved full custody of him. mom is only allowed to see him 4 hours a day supervised. pregnancy and methadone is the worst thing you can do to a child. no matter what the docs say. you cannot justify puttin any child through this. its not right.


I saw something on TV lastnight watching a newborn go through Methodone withdrawls. I cried all night long. I am Pregnant. I have a history of opiate dependancy. Something I am truely ashamed of. I was clean for the past 6 years and before my wedding this past May I messed up. I decided to go to a methodone clinic so that I could make sure I was stablized. I did not have insurance to go somewhere. But relapsing was the worst thing I could haveever done to myself.

The second that I got clean.....I too became pregnant. I tried to imediately get off of the methadone, and everone talked me out of it saying that this was the safest thing for the baby.

After seeing that episode on TV Lastnight I hate myself. I am petrified. And I have been reading so many articles like yours, with disgust for people like me. I have a good job, a beautiful home and am a good person. I made a terrible mistake, and never meant to ever have a child while in the program. my dose is 50 mg. I have been trying to stay as low as possible.

We aren't all bad people that should be shunned from the world. I just want you to know that. I am so excited to be a mom. THough I never wanted it to be this way. I am petrified to watch my baby go through what yours did, and I don't think that I will ever forgive myself. I just wanted you to know that.

I will never forgive myself for letting a tiny human go through withdrawls. It isn't fair. and if I had truely known what the baby was going to really go through..... I would have never done this to him.