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Hello, I am a 33 yr. old female. I have been having constant upset stomach, diarrhea, headaches, for over a year now. My doctor told me I have IBS, but it stays w/ me 24/7 - not just after eating. I had an ultrasound done last year and it was normal. Should I just live w/ this and chalk it up to IBS or could this be something else? Really appreciate your opinion. Thank you



The thing with irritable bowels syndrome is that it’s a condition that you have to live with and which is present all the time. The main symptoms like diarrhea or bloating do get worse after eating, especially if the meal contained foods that irritate your intestines even more, but the condition is always there.

However, as far as the headaches are concerned, I think you should go for a blood tests and see if everything is ok with your levels of iron, vitamins and blood sugar. Just a basic blood test. Because it’s kind of obvious to me that prolonged diarrhea and overall toll IBS has on you might lead to iron or vitamin deficiency and if you are lacking either iron (anemia) or vitamins, the most usual sign is headache, among other things.