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I've had on-going 5 plus years of at least one week a month (two three days at a stretch were I will "feel" like it's a urinary tract infection than I go to the Doctors and they test it and say the bacteria count isn't high enough to be a UTI but have in the past prescribed anitbiotics (then I get the yeast infection)
When I get the burning sensation the pain is sometimes of severe I am in agony, my abdomen swells up and my vagina opening itches also.
I've had ultrasounds on my bladder to make sure there were no tears in it and the tests came back fine. So I've been told it could be allergic reaction to laundry detergent which I have switched to non-perfumed, non dyed laundry detergent but here I am writing this with the discomfort of a UTI?
than I was told it could be that some foods can cause the irritant such as too much coffee, soda, straweberries, onions, and such which my very well be? I m sorry to say I have not given up drinking coffee or soda and yesterday I did have onions with a meal so maybe that is why? I will have to change my diet and see if that helps and should probably keep a journal. I buy over the counter medicine and recently realized just how much of it I've been taking over the years......Anyone else out there with similar issues? and how did they get cured?? A UTI IS a HUGE DEAL.


I used to get a lot of UTIs as well, but after I started to take ASAP 10 from American Biotech Labs, I stopped getting them. However, don't take that without the supervision of a professional health care practitioner.

I suggest you see a homeopath or naturopath. Back in December I started to get UTI after UTI, as well as nausea, dizziness and weakness. I went to three doctors and each couldn't figure out what it was, and just kept prescribing antibiotics for the UTIs. I don't really like taking antibiotics, and I wanted a reason for getting the nausea and other symptoms, so I went to a naturopath. She found several different things wrong with me and gave me some medicines. I haven't had the symptoms since.