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I've been having severe abdominal pains, lower back pains, frequent urination and bowel movements, and burning sensation in abdomen. I also have low grade fever that accompanies when they symptoms become severe. They recently found bacteria in the urine and I went on antibiotics for 3 occasions. I felt better but now the symptoms have come back with a vengence. Could it be an infection traveled to the kidneys?


Yes, it could be a repeated infection. Sometimes what happens is antibiotics don't kill all the bacteria, just push it back enough to not have an infection. But soon after you stop taking the antibiotics, they grow again and give you an infection.

Go to the doctor and get treated. A great way to readily kill the bacteria and make sure it doesn't come back is to take ASAP or Silver Biotics (they're the same product, just a different name) by American Biotech Labs. This is a non-toxic nano silver (NOT colloidal silver) supplement that's GREAT at killing foreign bodies. Since I've been taking it, I haven't gotten a UTI. I used to get repeated infections myself.