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My husband is a disabled veteran and was prescribed Dilaudid via a pic line. He has been on it for many years. This morning he missed his apt and so they will not refill his script until next week. They expect him to go a whole week without his meds. My question is, will he be alright?? I am seriously considering contacting an attorney.  



since Dilaudid's active substance is morphine and your husband has been on it for years, like you said - there is no doubt that he will go into withdrawal without the pills. And withdrawal from such a strong substance like morphine is a very very nasty thing - most likely worst than the original pain he is taking Silaudid for. That's the main reason why people withdrawing from such medications need to be under medical control, the consequences can be very harsh.

Can you get in touch with his prescribing doctor? To be completely honest, he will go through hell if he stops taking Dilaudid just like this,

Wish you all the best,