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Hello , i am 14 years old i have a physical on 1/27/14. That is in like a cupple of days from now ... well monday still i am freaking out . I have a freakish labia like one is huge and the other is regular second of all ive been having these cyst Or pimples on my vagina for about 3 years and i looked them up they say its just life and stuff but im afraid they are gonna look and see it and tell my mom which is probably a good think but im still scared im nervouse like i dont know if i should tell her first or let the doctor tell her . Please help fast i dont have very long :[


Hi darling,


No worries first of all, just relax.  Labias come in all different shapes and sizes.  I promise you that yours is far from freakish.  There are a lot of sweat glands, pores and hair folicles in that area.  Plus, think about it... it rarely gets to air out.  Underware is always rubbing which can create the build up of oils, skin cells..etc.  My sister would get painful cysts there.  They can put a cortizone shot in them and they will go down. I would not worry at all and the doctors and nurses will not tell your mother anything that will shame you in the least.  It is totally natural.

Good luck