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I was in a relationship for 2 years, on the pill nothing happened,,
I switched partners about 2 weeks ago and on friday when we were getting down to business we noticed a lot of blood...  but no pain was there the entire time,, we also noticed a very bad smell(not a fishy smell though)  so we decided to stop.
That night I got no more further bleeding after having sex,,
the next day we tried again, but again was that horrible smell and a lot of bleeding,

When this happened i had 2 days left of my birth control pill (Microgyn).. I get light periods and very little blood, but now came heavy bleeding just during intercourse. I always take two months of the pill at a time then I take a period break...

oh and my new partner thinks its highly unlikely he has any STD's and so do I.


???? ??? ??? no answers ?? anyone