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I am 17 and last school year I had sex 5 times without a condum and have been having issues in my vaginal area. When I try to have sex the entrance hole hurt. One of the times when I had sex he stuck it in twice and I starred gushing out blood. The white discharge has come everyday the odor sometimes itching when I have discharge and irritation....What should I do?


Yeast infection is possible. But if your vaginal discharge odor is strong, then it could be bacterial vaginosis. Women with BV always complain their abnormal discharge with a strong odor, some women believe it's a fishy like odor and usually get worse after intercourse sex. The discharge can be grayish white. It may also be foamy or watery. Other symptoms may include burning when urinating, itching around the outside of the vagina, and irritation. However, unfortunately, some women with BV have no symptoms at all and so that could't get it treated in time. 

See a doctor and get it tested, you need prescriptions. Natural treatment such as herbal medicine called SPAM could also be an potion, you may google it and have a look. Also, you can actually apply yogurt (plain yogurt only) to the affective area. Yogurt will also bring back the balance of good and bad bacteria. Eating a few cups a day will help, but you can also apply it directly by inserting a yogurt soaked tampon for about an hour.