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Ok hi so me and my bf had sex a month ago n he is uncercumcised.we didn't use a condom .. Well now I noticed that the inside of my vagina lips are real itchy and around theirs no discharge & it doesn't hurt when I pee just itches real bad .. Idk what it is but I can't take it the itching is on & off n sometimes my vagina lips sore up n last night my clit was also itching HELPPO


It seems like you're having a yeast infection. Yeast infection is caused by a fungus called "Candida albicans" which is normally found in small amounts in the vigina. This infection is often found on people with weakened immune system, in most cases it is not the sex activities which bring women yeast infections.

Women with yeast infection may develop any one or all these symptoms including:

Pain/itch/burning at vulva area

Pain/itch/burning in vagina

Pain during intercourse and/or urination

Cottage cheese like vaginal discharge

Swelling and pain around the vulva

You should see a doctor and get prescriptions to avoid a worse condition. Also try to eat lots of yogurt may help you a lot. There's a herbal medicine named SPAM also works well, you can google it and have a look. Hope you can get rid of your ailment soon. Good luck!



I have had the same issue. it happens about every 2 to 3 month. My boyfriend gets the "itch" about 3 days before i do. I have been tested for every STD know to man it is NOT an STD or a yeast infection. My boy friend is uncircumcised and he says it happens if he doesn't wash good but why am i getting the itch too about the time his stops mine starts!