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I noticed the other day I had a dark purplish/green vein on the right side of my scrotum. I then found out it was varicocele, but after hours of research I found out that right side varicocele can be pretty serious and is rare. So I went to the doctor to get it checked out, he told me to where tight underwear, prescribed ibuprofen 200mg for the pain in testes, omeprazol for stomach pain and discomfort, and some powder to dissolve in water to help constipation. I also got a testicular ultrasound done. Results come in tomorrow. Hopefully everything is ok. From what I have read I should get a renal ultrasound and CT scans in abdomen & pelvis to see if there isnt a tumor or some kind of mass blocking blood flow to right testicle. I got another appointment with another doctor for Wednesday, can a RIGHT side varicocele be removed/embolized without any complications? What are the chances it is something more serious? By the way im 16 and this has got me pretty worried. So any answers help.
thank you

note: i have noticed swollen lymph nodes under my jaw on both sides, one in cheek above jaw and 2 very small ones near the groin. They dont hurt, just curious.


Did you find out what caused it? Please share.