Hi.. Its been a while i was facing little problem on right side of my Testicle area at night. while sleeping i felt like some veins  are stuck so i need to stretch my testis to left side which make me feel relax. But after few months i got something hard on my right testis. I realized when i felt sudden pain in the testicle which then spread to my leg and stomach (kidney area). When i consult with my doctor he asked me to get done an Ultrasound. So i get done an Ultrasound. I told that person ( the one who was doing ultrasound) that there is something hard on my right testicle but he was not able to find it on Ultrasound image. but he did discovered Varicocele on my left side.  I was not satisfied with the result so i go to the doctor for getting done an examine on my testis. He then pressed my testicle and said its just swelling. But Still i don't understand why its hard lump type and why my leg and stomach aching with it. even in the morning i feel pain on my back. the hard thing is on the bottom of my right testis.

Now the question is, Is it possible that left side Varicocele cause right side ache ? and a lump or something hard on the right testis.? Is it normal or i need to worry about something.?