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Today when every is talking about strategies of losing weight, It may sound crazy.
My age is 22. I am very Skinny. My weight is about 55kg. I lose confidence when someone comments on me because of this. Being skinny makes me feel bad and is hurdle to my confidence.
Please suggest me ways how can i gain weight. What routine i should follow. What are Dos and Donts to gain weight.

Mr. Skinny


Well, you migth just have a high metabolism so there's nothing to be ashamed about. A lot of people oin the United States do not have the high met. so you should consider yourself very lucky. Try nto to gain weight because if you try to gain weigth and you're not doing it with proper food, you could really effect yoru health in a bad way.
And also, not to discourage you, but you might stay that weight for the rest of your life (my great grandmom stayed at 130lbs. even after two kids and 80years of life. she remained that weight since she had her first child) or you might just lose the high met. as you go on living (a lot of people it high met. can lose it over time, so no worries)


I know exactly how you feel I had been skinny my whole life as well up to my early twenties. The problem with skinny guys is that we have a metabolism that is about as fast as a Ferrari and will burn through everything we eat. Solution = you need to eat a great deal more calories, do workouts that are specifically suited for ectomorph body types and cut down on the cardio for a few months so that you can focus your energy on building muscle. Cardio increases the metabolism so at the start it is best not to do cardio until you put on a bit of muscle.

Hope that helps.

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