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Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm 27 year old man. My height is 160 and my weight is 50. I have a big problem with weight losing. Girls and friends told me that i am too skinny because my weight is only 50. I don't have any major health problem apart from some fever in some weather change. But i can not gain my weight higher though i try to eat a lot.

I rarely have proper weight since my childhood, almost all the time was very thin. Next month i plan to join Fitness Club, hoping that i would gain some weight. Do you think is that a good idea? Could you please advise me how can i gain weight? is this because I have some health problem that i did not notice? Please help me!!




Iam only replying to comfort you, since am in the same situation. No health problems, 24 years, and weight 54 or 55.

I need to gain weight.


hii sir/madam,

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thank u