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I am 33 years old, had my 1st child 2 years ago. Before that, my period was very irregular (6 months without) plus extremely painful (fainted and went to emergency)! When I was 19, I started taking the pill. It helped in regulating the periods but it also gave me some side affects I didn't want. When I was 23, I tried the injection which stops me from producing eggs and hence stopping my period all together. each needle was only for 3 months and I took 3 needles over 9 months. As I was afraid that my eggs would have problems because of the injections, I decide to stop taking the injections. My next period didn't come until I was 25. Freaked out that I won't get a chance to have babies, I did all kinds of test. all results turned out normal. My doctor advised me to just wait it out, "most women will become regular after having their first child" he said. When I got married at 28, I thought it would be easy to have kids, but after trying for 2 years with no results, my mother told me to try Chinese traditional medicines. Sparing the details, the doctor was able to regulate and "Un-pained" my period from the first month and by the third month I was pregnant. But it hasn't ended yet. As I didn't want to harm the baby, I stopped taking the chinese medication. Had a wonderful birth, beautiful boy that I breastfed till he was self-weaned at 1 year old. That's when the problems appeared again. Although my period doesn't hurt any more, it lasts forever. the longest one was for almost 4 months, has clots, and is heavy some days and light some days. As I am trying for a second child, I went back to the chinese doctor again. He says ..."that the blood clots in my body never left and has built up instead. As my body wants to cleanse itself of the clots (bad blood) it will constantly try to flush it out with bleeding, hence the long periods." He gave me a few different medicines that I am still having.
My husband's version of what the doctor said is as follow "your body is like a toilet. the blood clot is like a big poo that is in the toilet. normally you press the button once, it will go away...but in your case it doesn't, so you are constantly pressing the button. The bad thing here is that because your body doesn't have the normal 28 days to fill up the water(blood) the poo stays there and you become anaemic from the lack of blood."
Anyways, Treatment. The doctor first gives me medication to stop the bleeding . Then gives me medication to increase my blood flow. In time, this should help me flush out all the clots and allow me to have a regular period again.
Finally, hope this may help someone. My suggestion is to go see a chinese doctor with a good reputation as sometimes they are just not good. Personally I went through 5 different doctors before I got to my current doctor. Also, unlike western medication, Chinese herbs take longer to work, so give it some time. But my theory is if I don't see an improvement in one month time I change to another doctor.


Hallo,Thank you so much for posting this.

I am 18 and didn't have my first period till I was 17 and I have been having one for almost 5 months and I dont know what to do.

The things you have said match me to a T.

Can you suggest anything? what kind of Doctor should I see?

If you could spare some time to answer me I would be forever grateful.

Hope you and your family are well.




I m so happy you are writing about this to let people know they are not alone I have been suffering from long periods for 3 years I had a 2 year stint with aweful purple clots that scared me silly. I thought I was dying and I went from happy overworked girl to depressed, fatigued, night meres, overweight it was just awful, then it stopped after my sister in law did a special prayer for me she is a spiritual healer, then about 9 months after that it started out of no where I thought maybe because I was intaking all these herbal supplements like milk thistle and I changed my diet to salads fruits and vegetables only. The weird thing is now it 2 weeks of pink discharge with a few clots, then one week super heavy, then spotting for 3-4 days its been like this for 9 months now. My question to you is did the chinese herbalist ever tell you if they thought your thyroid was the cause of your irregular periods? I am trying Indian spices right now to see throid regulation will help my period to regulate as well.
Los Angeles, CA