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So I have been taking anywhere between 8k - 40k of Vitamin A (cod liver) on and off for a few months, I have stopped for the occasional 1 week break hiatus. Anyways, I have started getting stomach aches, so I have discontinued the use. How long should it take to level out to more normal levels of Vitamin A? How much will be disposes from my body everyday. Are there any ways to speed up the process of getting rid of this Vitamin A? Note this Vit. A, is from Cod liver not Beta Carotene or Synthetic.


hi, overdose on vitamin A and side effects last for, more or less, the same time as the time you took the vitamin A, so in your case that would be couple of months for all of the side effects to clear, maybe even faster since you did some breaks between overdosing. If this doesn't happen contact your physician, best advice I can give you. Hope this helped