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My wife is feeling little nervous lately. Her doctor recommended her to take some supplements of vitamin b. Now she is taking more than she should. I am afraid she might experience some side effects. Can anyone tell me something more about the side effects of vitamin b? It will mean a lot to me.


Vitamins themselves don't have 'side effects.' They are an essential part of our bodies that are necessary for life.

When you are either below or exceeding the correct dosage of vitamins, yes, bad things can happen- just like when you overdo it on anything, whether it's excercising or eating cookies.

As for B's, they are one grouping of vitamins that are very safe in large dosages due to their being water-soluble. The exception to this is B12 and Folic Acid, which can accumulate in your liver over time.

The recommended amounts for optimal health ranges from 15 mg to 100 mg daily. If she's in this range, then she's perfect!


I can describe you the following side effects of vitamin b:
1) mild diarrhoea
2) anxiety and panic attacks
3) heart palpitations
4) insomnia
5) breathing problems
6) chest pain
7) skin rash, hives or itchy swollen skin


As a naturopathic doctor in training, we teach that "side effects" are very different from "overdose" and should not be used interchangeably.

Side effects are unintended effects occuring when taking a medication at the normal, recommended dose. Overdose is taking above and beyond a recommended dose.

Very few natural supplements do have side effects, and the ones that do are generally unnoticable to mild. This usually occurs when another medicinal property of the herb/vitamin is unwanted.

For example- licorice root can be used to raising blood pressure, as well as for stomache problems. It is useful for someone like me, who has low blood pressure, but for someone who has hypertension and is using licorice for an ulcer, this would be considered a side effect.

Make sense?


I forgot to add, yes, some of those problems previously listed can be attributed to an OVERDOSE of b vitamins.

Be sure to check that your dosages are within the ODA (Optimal Daily Allowance.) The amounts of vitamins recommended in the RDA are the bare minimums needed to prevent deficiency-related disease. For our body to run at it's best, more than the bare minimum is needed, so do be sure you are dosing effectively and safely.