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hi everyone.. im claire.. im a mom of 2 kids. 8 years old and 6 months currently fully breastfeeding my 6 months old baby and i am so skinny! i used to get fat when i was still u know any vitamins i can take so at least i dont look like a skeleton? vitamins for breastfeeding partner is working abroad and he isnt here so i want to be sexy when he :$


Find a brand of all-natural nutrition products so that you are not putting chemicals (that are in synthetic vitamins) in your body and breast milk. You have to be careful because the way vitamin regulations are, companies can put 'all-natural' or even '100% naturual' on the label and really be only 10% natural.  You have to find a company that will can prove they are all natural.  This is important because all-natural vitamins are food-based - made closest to the way the nutrients are found in nature (foods) as possible.  

Enjoy your children.  I have four and they are the joys of my life.  But you're right - we still want to look good for our hubbies:)