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Could artificial vitamin actually be bad for your health? I heard that the only way to get vitamins in your body the healthy way is to take them through fruits and vegetables. Any other way of vitamin intake is inefficient at best? 

I guess this makes sense because people were taking vitamins naturally for so long.


I also think synthetic vitamins are bad for you. If you think about it makes sense. 

Artificial (synthetic ) vitamins are made by isolating some compund from nature. How can that be good for use when for thousands of years we've been getting vitamins from fruits and vegetables.

Vitamins work together with thousands of other ingredients so by isolating it we broke nature's delivery mechanism. 

Minerals today are nothing more but mined ore that has been fine packaged and sweetened for human use. We're talking about iron, zinc,calcium... etc . There are even researches that these minerals, in this form are 99% not absorbable. 

So yes, there are some good point about synthetic vitamins being bad for you. You should avoid them and try to get your vitamins the all natural way, through food.