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actually i am suffering with high tsh levels.sometimes it rises upto 20 and ometimes it is normal.i am taking altroxin 100mg every morning when i wake up.but i am suffering with one more broblem that is weight gain.i am eating only 1000 calories everyday. but my weight is not reducing even i am doing heavy exercise. my height is 65 cm. and weight is 87 kgs.this is very high but i am in great depression because of my weight even i am taking all the precautions on that.

sir can u help me to how i can reduce my weight.

ruchi garg


is this very high for my thyroid
willbe starting on levothyroxine tomorrow


Hi there,
Your metabolism is not functioning properly and no matter how many calories you take and how much exercises you do you still gain weight. Could you tell me more about your diet? It is very important to eat healthy and to eat food that will help your metabolism maintain good function. In my opinion your medication is not helping you very much. How long have you been taking these pills? Have you consulted your doctor about this? You need to talk to him about changing the medication to something that will have more effect on your body and your metabolism. How long have you been having problem with low thyroid hormone levels?
All the best,