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me and my husband have been trying for baby number 3 and friday we had sex its now thursday and im getting the same symptoms slight cough heavy belly tired nausea periods are due on the 17th could i be pregnant.


If your period is due 17 May, then 1 May would have been a fertile day (Ovulation probably was on 3 May), so pregnancy could follow. However, the embryo would not be in the womb yet, so you could not actually be pregnant yet.

However, there is the possibility if you ovulated early - 1 May. Then the egg could have arrived early today (7th) and, if so, there is just the possibility you might have an early implantation. But I think it is too early to tell.

I think you will have to wait until your period has failed to arrive. Then take a test a couple of days after. If that is negative, then take one 22 May.