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I'm sure I'm like most and after a few years, think nothing of a warranty on something like a $50 watch. But after 6 years of pushing the rubber-faced buttons on the front of my Predator, they literally wore all the way through and I'm sure the miniscule amounts of moisture that got in started to mess with the recall function and I couldn't get it to erase all the lap memory. Just rough estimating, but I probably took splits for at least 6000 miles, recalled those splits and tack on another 2000 taps for shutting off the alarm each morning over those years... 14,000 times pushing the lap/split buttons, of course they'd wear out.

So I checked their website. 10-year warranty on that model of watch. Okay, what the heck, I'll mail it in. If I never see it again, no biggie, I got my $50 worth and I was meaning to get something different anyway. Well, knock me over with a feather, they sent me a brand spanking new one. Just cost me $8 for 'shipping/handling'... cool!



Now let's test its true waterproof capabilities.