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hi im 14 and im 5,1 and 151 pounds know ive notices my weight gaining and i really nee o lose weight im half mexican and italian and fora mexican girl wen you turn 15 thats when you are turning into  a woman and they have a big party for the girl called a qinceranira. so thats what im going to have im going to be wering a blue dress and hav a special dace with my boy daancers chambalanies and my family but im concerened about my weight when my dress comes in i want to be at least smaller n bigger and i am afraid that i wont fit know i wanna lose weightfor the big dy bui dont know how and what the best way is can someone pea help me and fast time is running out and its no long till the day comes i need help



Try the Atkins diet. It really does work. You limit your carb intake. I personally only have 20 carbs a day and it's a great way to lose weight. My mother did it too she lost 60lbs in 2 months. Research it alittle it's a fairly ez deit. Mostly veggies and protein is what you eat