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I am getting married in august and I want to lose a healthy 70 pounds and I have a few questions about this goal that I have set for myself.

1st- Is this goal obtainable?

2nd- How do I go about doing this without giving into temtations (today alone I had to speak to the voices in my head about sweets, which is my number 1 weakness)?

3rd- How do I get support?

Because I have lost weight before and I had a friend that would workout with me at least 4 times a week and when I moved I gained 60 pounds over the past 4 years (not a good look), but now I'm here and I have no one. My fiancee does not need to workout with my because he is thin enough.

4th- Is there a web support link that someone would like to share with me?

This time when I get the weight off I want to keep it off. I have tried doing things different already. I do not eat fast food at all. I now cook anything that I eat and I walk as well. And still nothings come off.


congrats on your engagement! :) 

1st: idk. 70 pounds sound like a lot, to be honest. Also, this might leave you with a problem regarding your wedding dress - it takes a while to find the perfect one, might need to be ordered and mostly it must be altered? So, if you loose 70 pounds until your wedding day, that might leave you with either a time problem when going dress shopping late OR with a too big / too small dress (depending on your actual weight loss). I guess, I would try to loose weight until late May, then start dress shopping and keeping your weight until August. That way you will have both - a beautiful body in a beautiful, fitting dress. :) 

2nd: I was trying to loose weight once, approx. 10 pounds, after working for McDonald's for a year. I would advice you to actually give in temptations. Candy here and there as a bonus, e.g. another achieved goal, is important, and if you have cravings for sweet stuff, it's likely that your body needs some sugar. The way I went (lost the 10 pounds in about 5 weeks) is rather simple. These are the 3 rules:
1. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want.
2. The average girl needs approx. 2000 calories a day. Thus, work out a little & consume somewhat less than 2000 calories. I think I went for like 1800. (But don't start there if you actually consume 3000/day at this time. Slowly and steadily will be more helpful --> you can go down steadily, like 20-50kcal every week until reaching a level that makes you feel good.)
3. Don't do "light"/"lite"/"diet" stuff - it contains fake sugars that will make you more hungry. (The food tastes sweet, so your body assumes there is sugar in it & then, trying to use the sugar, there is none -> leading to hunger. Thus, drink "real" coke rather than diet one, when you feel like that). 

NOTE: Be aware of how much calories are in what product. Just drinking unsweetened tea & water instead of soda will do a lot! Another tip I can give you: the 'better' the quality of the product, the more likely you will actually feel full after eating. (Anything containing starch is great.) Fixing meals yourself is definitely great! Just watch for the size that you make! ;) 5 smaller meals during the day are often more effective than 2 big ones, but like I said: Eat whatever you want, whenever you want. That way your body gets what it needs, when it needs it. :)

BTW: Blue plates and surrounding are supposed to make you feel less hungry (because there is nearly no nonpoisonous blue food in nature), while red, orange and yellow will increase your appetite. Looking at your food all the time when eating it, will help, too.

3rd: How about a bulletin board at your local church / college / fitness club / work place / ...? I am sure there are people out there wanting to lose weight as well. Just find them! :)

4rd: Sorry, I don't know about that. But maybe someone else can help you out on this one?

Good luck! 

- huskergirl