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Hey people.. I'm 14 and weigh around 73kgs.. :-( Basically, last year when I weighed 69, I was 13 and I urged to lose weight throughout the summer holidays and reached to around 59 kgs.. or 61.. :-D But when school started, I started getting busier and the exercise plan dropped.. My food was perfect though, I took tons of fruits to school for recess and lunch and exercised on the weekend.. But overtime it stopped and I started back gaining weight via junk food :-( And I had the best flexibility to exercise but since we have moved to a house from an apartment, it's quite harder.. Its a new place, so I could go for a run but I'm self conscious.. So i think what people will think about me.. Thats a main problem for me.. :L I used to play tons of basketball at my old place (nearby my apartments) and no one was there, and I felt safe, but here there are basketball courts around 2k's away, but my parents aren't home usually so they can't drive me, and they are too overprotective to let me walk/jog there.. :L So if anyone has some excellent food options and exercises that can be done around the home that are very well effective? Thank you.. :-)


Hi there. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. What I can tell you if losing weight is important to you it's better to do it while young because It only gets harder as you get older. I had GREAT success with Weight Watchers. I'm not sure if that is an option for you but maybe look into it. They have a free forum on their website and you can get lots of advice there too.

Losing weight is simple math. You need to get rid of more calories than you take in. You can do this by eating less or by exercercising or a combination. In fact I lost quite a bit without exercising at all just by lowering the amount I ate. Make sure you aren't eating too many calories. There are plenty of sites out there that help you figure out how many you should eat because the amount varies based on build, age, sex, and height. 3500 calories = 1 lb (sorry not sure the metric conversion). That means you will lose a lb by eating 500 less calories per day than what your body needs to function. Again look this up online and you'll find tons of great info.

WRITE EVERYTHING YOU EAT DOWN! This is my biggest tip. You'd be suprised how fast things add up and writing it down holds you accountable. It's very hard to lose weight without keeping track of this somehow.

Stop with the junk food. Find healtier alternatives and maybe give yourself a junk food treat once a week if you can't eliminate it entirely. There is plenty of good for you food out there that tastes good too. If you can't give it up then only have a few bites to get your fix and put it away! If you drink soda cut that out and you will notice a huge difference. Drink a ton of water a day. I always find that I lose more when I drink all my water for the day.

As far as exercise goes try this...turn on your favorite songs and dance around your room like a lunatic! Any movement can be exericse and it's fun! I still do it and I'm in my 30's! Also see if you can get some hand weights and do a variety of leg and arm exercises. It doesn't take long for the muscles to start to develop and you'd be suprised how much better you will look even if you have a few extra pounds on you but have developed some muscle.

It may also help to post what you eat in a normal day and maybe we can help you figure out ways you can make some improvements.

In any case I hope this helps a bit and I wish you luck!!! Let me know if you have more questions. Bottom line is do it for you to make yourself happy and not for anyone else! Regardless you are beatiful!