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I have now been prescribed a low dose of reductil - 15mg. I started last 3 months, and think I am losing weight. My face is thinner than before. I have also had trouble falling and staying asleep, and frequently have to use the rest room, i tnink that these are side effects of reductil, but i really see the good results. The problem is that reductil 15 mg is out of stock, i don't find it, 

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they also don't have reductil 15 mg at the moment, it is available only reductil 10mg. Has anyone tryed the diet pill reductil 10 mg? anyone have any bad side effects? how long did it take to work? any experiences on this would be great.Thank you.


Hello Lindax,

Reductil is a prescription drug that contains subutramine that influences your mood by producing a calming effect.  It increases satiation thereby causing you to eat less food.  It comes in 3 different strengths (5, 10 and 15mg).  Doctors generally start their patients with 10mg.  There are a number of side effects that include drymouth, blurred vision, sleeplessness, diarrhea or constipation, headache, nausea, anxiety, increased heart rate and blood pressure, depression and low libido.  There are other symptoms as well.  This drug is meant to be used with a reasonable diet and exercise.  As far as the proper dose with the 10mg strength, I'm unfamiliar with but your doctor will know.