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I'm 16, a girl, and have had this really awful feeling in the back of my head since September (at least that's when it got noticeable.) It seems to have both physical and psychological facets, and it's really hard to lets up a little at times, but it's mainly constant and makes me feel absolutely terrible. (just to be clear, I never have anxiety about my health--this isn't just hypochondria.)

I do have anxiety though, and I could probably be diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder; although I'm not agoraphobic or anything, I definitely have a problem with distancing myself from people. I don't want to, though, so this causes a lot of stress.

I've been depressed for about 3 years. But somehow I feel like I wouldn't either be dealing with this depression or anxiety nearly at all anymore if it weren't for this's like everything's out of my control, I can't deal with anything right now. And I feel like even if I were to make major changes in my life that would have otherwise solved a lot of my emotional issues, it would have no impact on me. I haven't felt genuinely happy for more than a few hours in the past four months, and haven't felt at ease for a moment. but I have hardly any reasons for feeling anxious, and what I had been depressed about I'm at least optimistic about now.

Anyway, it's this extremely heavy (physically and in all other senses) feeling. It's like, a deep feeling of uneasiness and extreme tiredness. maybe it could be described as pressure? It's right above the back of my neck, to what seems like the middle of my head. I've been trying to ignore it and it actually seemed like it was letting up a few days ago, but right now it's at the worst it's ever been.

I've never been on any medications for depression or anxiety...I went to the doctor in November and she thought it might be a weird kind of sinus pressure, but taking stronger allergy meds didn't seem to help. She told me if they didn't to get an MRI, but I don't really think anything's going to show up. I seriously doubt I have a tumor, since all my headaches seem to be from tension and are really mild, though I have them pretty much every day.

I don't eat very well (probably too much sugar, processed foods, wheats, etc) but I'm underweight and probably don't get all the nutrients I should. last time I got bloodwork it showed I wasn't anemic, but I'm wondering if that could be it now?

maybe it's neurotoxins, or something? I live in eastern Ohio where fracking is going on and supposedly our water is being polluted with some pretty nasty chemicals. and I had been taking Benadryl every night for at least 4 years, but I didn't want to be dependent on it anymore (it was for allergies, but then I needed it to sleep) so I've stopped over the past few months. can't remember if it was before or after this feeling started. and I've heard Benadryl has bad neurological effects.

Sorry this is so long!

So my questions are:

- what the heck is this?
- how can I relieve it? (exercise, being outside, protein shakes and V8 juice, not using computer / watching tv, sleep didn't help)
- what should I tell my doctor now? (already explained most of this to her in Nov.)
- what can I do to relieve the discomfort?
- should I get an MRI?


Sorry to hear that you suffer from the same things i suffer from.....depression and anxiety. But if it was me I would get an MRI done just to be on the safe side. It's better to be safe then sorry.


hi, sorry to hea r youre suffering sgf. i could also be diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder, i have major social anxiety , so i understand that aspect of your life. i wish i was more extroverted sometimes=D. it seems like you have a lot of burden on your shoulders (pun intended) and thats draining. i know whats that like. this is only a hypothesis, but perhaps youreu nder a lot of emotional stress? stress can cause body aches :|. im always tense in my lower neck, but im a neurotic person by nature. i get tense muscles in my upper back too.
i dont thi k your eating lifestyle is helping you. its easy to get any kind of defiency if youre not eating enough natural foods (cereals, vegs, fruits, nuts, lean meat ,anything natural and unprocessed)
for example magnesium defiency can cause you to feel like you have no energy at all. zinc defiency isnt cool either.
heres a list of food containing magnesium and or zinc:
-blackberries -black beans
-pumpkin seeds -spinach
-scallops -roast beef
-wheat (like Shredded wheat, whole grain bread) -milk
-kiwis -brocoli
-dark chocolate - any kind of nut is good for you, but peanuts contain lots of zinc.

to relieve your disconfort, you could ask someone someone close to oyu to give you a quick massage where youre hurting. will help you and raise your serotonin levels, which will in turn help your depression=). nothing like a massage.
your anxiety levels seem to be high. have you ever considered psychotherapy? a situation can become much clearer when you talk about it and get asked the right questions. its a wise way to get to know yourself much better than anyone else knows themselves and get relief from your uneasiness/problems.

good luck and take care.


By self-experience about some of your symptoms description,my own opinion about your questions.
-it's probably psicossomatic,it's related to anxiety and/or depression
-my own relief is time(let it go) and in the worst peaks some benzodiazepines like diazepam(valium) or Olcadil(cloxam) help alot by relaxing my body and mind.
-tell your Doctor if it can be anxiety/depression related,if it's possible for you see a Neurologist,for discard others conditions.
-if it's anxiety/depression related only time,your life control and taking some behaviours will help you,of course,medication can give you some temporary relieve.Have you heard about the Tui-na chinese massage,i did one sometime ago,and i ended like a new person,my head feelings,my anxiety and all those body systems "blocks" gone....
-Yes,it's very important an MRI,it's a fantastic exam to see your brain structure,and to discard a structural problem,i did.
Mail me,if you want.