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I'm 55 years old and have had back surgery in Sept 2013.  Since then Ive had constipation and a hard time with bowel movement.  Last night i forced myself to go and I did but a rubber-like ( looked like a rubber band) string came out with the feces and I had to pull it out and it snapped.  I'm not in any kind of pain and there was no blood but I'm now concerned.  wjat could it be and have you heard about an incident like this before?


Hello Tego,

Sounds like you might have a tapeworm.  Sometimes they extend out of the anal opening when you go to the bathroom.  They attach themselves by hooks to the intestinal wall to anchor themselves in.  The worm body comes in segments called proglotises so if you pull on the worm it breaks at one of the segments.  These segments contain fertilized eggs of more tapeworms that are ready to make more tapeworms.  Your doctor can give you some medicine to kill the tape worm and get rid of it.  You're not alone many people have intestinal parasites of one type or another in their life times.  Some where along the line you ate some tainted meat or bad water that was infected with the larval stage.